Automated DISC PUBLISHING OF UP TO 100s Per RUN

    • Dye Ink
    • CD/DVD Publisher


    • Built with Epson’s advanced robotics and printing technologies, this compact , integrated disc publisher has all the features you need to burn
    • Print up to 100 (per batch) high quality customised CDs , DVDs or BDs unattended and on demand. It is ideal for a wide range of businesses such as service bureaus, educational institutions, Photographers , software and IT Companies , Governments and medical organisations , etc.
      easy-to-use software with label templates . Six individual, high capacity ink cartridges with low-ink sensors.
    • With a high-capacity output, the PP-100III can burn up to: 30 CDs/hour (600MB),15 DVDs/hour (3.8GB), 8.5 BDs/hour (23.8GB) and printing only, 65/45 discs/hour (fast/fine mode).
    • For reliable and secure operation, the unit is dust-proof and fully automated.
    • Its patented AcuGrip robotic arm ensures only one disc is grabbed at a time, so production runs can be left to complete unattended.
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